Operatives, welcome to Operation LAPIS. Please make your selection from the above CODEX menu options for Episode 1.1


How to use the CODEX:


The KEY-TEXT is a selected passage that should assist operatives in the immersion. These KEY-TEXTS often provide additional, and relevant, information about the current situation. The KEY-TEXT also provides an opportunity to gain additional practice reading Latin.


The GRAMMATICA gives explanations on how the Latin works in comparison to English. When beginning a new episode, each operative should first visit the GRAMMATICA section in order to understand the new concepts which are introduced.


The VERBA toolset gives glosses (meanings) for the Latin you encounter in your TSTT-insertions. When encountering new or unfamiliar words in the TSTT-insertions, all operatives should first consult the VERBA section before utilizing additional resources.


The CULTURALIA section provides relevant cultural background information. After operatives have read the new TSTT-insertion, they should first consult the important information provided in the CULTURALIA before beginning a discussion with his or her teammates.


The ATTUNEMENT option provides access to the attunement challenges for the current episode. These challenges are designed to help you, as an operative, gain additional skills in Latin and in Roman culture.


The NAV gives your current location within the TSTT-insertions.