Guide to Latinity Points


Operatives, Mission Control wishes to make you aware of a very important part of Operation LAPIS: Latinity Points. Latinity Points (LPs for short) are the mechanism through which grading occurs during Operation LAPIS. As you may know, in a lot of games like Farmville, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, players advance toward game objectives by collecting 'experience points' (XP). The concept of LPs is very similar.


You will receive LPs for everything that you do in the Operation (that is, this course.) Some of the things you do happen inside the role-playing (practomime) activity-- the time-machine/simulation called the TSTT; other things happen in the classroom. A carefully constructed practomime response will earn more LPs than one rushed, incomplete, or lacking in any research or Latin. Likewise, more correct responses on a vocabulary attunement exercise will grant you more LPs. See the response rubric as a guide to your responses.


Latinity Points serve two purposes in Operation LAPIS. First, these points will allow you to advance in levels at a consistent rate. At each milestone, you will receive notification that you have gained a level in your operative dossier. At this moment, the level "cap" is 75. Only the most thorough Operatives will make it to that level.


Second, your grade will be directly tied to the total number of LPs that you have earned across all Missions and activities. You should refer to your individual (and private) operative dossier (located in Google Docs) to keep track of your LPs.  This includes all practomime prompts, attunement exercises, tests, or any other activity the Demiurge deems appropriate for success in the Operation. You should contact your Agent of the Demiurge to find out how Latinity Points will be incorporated into your registered grade.