Image Name Info First Appearance
marcus Marcus Maecēnās Grandson of the famous Gaius Cilnius Maecēnās, cultural advisor to Augustus. He is an older man but he is also the head of the organization known as the Societās Potentium (League of the Powerful), bent on retrieving the Lapis and using it to consolidate power in Rome among an elite few. 1.1
tiberius Tiberius Caecilius Iucundus Son of a banker and Pompeii's most famous inhabitant, Lucius Caecilius Iucundus. Tiberius has a knack for showing up in the right places at just the right time. 1.1
sextus Sextus Aemiliānus Sextus serves as the guide for the Recentiī during the first part of their journey in Pompeiī. He's actually a construct created by the TSTT (he's not real, exactly.) However, he has a shimmer or a glow about him that sets him apart from everyone else they encounter. Only they and Tiberius can see the glow. Sextus is working for the Mīlitēs Lapidis (The Soldiers of the Stone) -- politicians claiming to be for the restoration of the power of the Lapis for all people. 1.2
euphorbus Euphorbus Euphorbus is the loyal servant of Caecilius. He provides help around the house and serves as the head cook for Caecilius and his family. 1.3
sinistrus Sinistrus Claims to be a legate of the emperor on official business in Pompeiī. Oddly enough he has a strange shimmer about him similar to that of Sextus. Sinistrus appears to be very intelligent and skillful. He clearly knows about the Lapis although the question remains; whose side is he on? 5.1
septimus Septimus Aemiliānus Septimus is the twin brother of Sextus, lives in the Roman province of Britannia. Like his brother, he is also working for the Mīlitēs Lapidis and aids the Recentiī on their mission. Septimus is also tasked with keeping an eye on Marcus' appointed legate in Britannia, Salvius. 7.1
tertius Tertius Aemiliānus Tertius is the identical triplet brother of Sextus and Septimus and he lives in the Roman province of Aegyptus. Like his brother, he is also working for the Mīlitēs Lapidis and aids the Recentiī on their mission through Egypt. 11.1
salvia Salvia Salvius’ daughter. Cunning and crafty like her father, she takes an interest in the Recentiī and is sympathetic to their side. Choosing to use her craftiness for good rather than for ill, she spends much of her time dressed up as a boy, backing the Recentiī up on their missions. 17.2
secundus Secundus Aemiliānus Secundus is the identical quadruplet brother of Sextus, Septimus, and Tertius and he lives in the Rome. Like his brothers, he is also working for the Mīlitēs Lapidis and aids the Recentiī on their mission through the eternal city. 23.1
gaiusrecentius Gāius Recentius Son of Gāius Recentius Malus and uncle of the Recentii, Gāius Recentius is the primary Mīlitēs Lapidis contact in Rome. He lives in the familial house on the Esquiline Hill. 23.1
salviuslib Gāius Salvius Urbānus Younger brother to Gāius Salvius Līberālis, he prides himself on his good style, quick wit, and charm. He commands the attention of the new emperor, Domitian, and is a sworn member of the Societās Potentium. 23.2