(Episode 9.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Farm of Septimus, Southwest of Londinium, 81 CE<

aliquis ad iānuam pulsat.


Septimus est ānxius. "cēlāte vōs!" mussat.


vōs in cellā cēlātis et Septimum in iānuā audītis.


"mehercle!," clāmat Septimus. "dēbētis vōs discooperīre, ō Recentiī!"


ubi subvēnisti dē cellā, in iānuā cum Septimō Tiberium Caecilium Iucundum vidētis, quī paulō māior vidētur.


"salvēte, ō Recentiī!" inquit Tiberius. "It's been too long! When I arrived at Salvius' house they were all in an uproar about some escaped servōs. When they described you, at first I couldn't believe it, but everything fit, and I knew it was you. I'm here to bring you back ad vīllam Salviī so that I can clear this mess up.


"I have much to tell you -- indeed, I didn't think I'd ever see you again, and that was truly terrible because when I was in Egypt I came across something that could only have to do with that Lapis you were looking for! It's a papyrus with strange markings. . . I'll show it to you when we get back to Salvius' house.


"egō autem in Britanniā nuper advēnī et putō Salvium dē statū Rōmānō mihi nōn dīcere vēra. quid dē statū Rōmānō in Britanniā scītis?"


Prompt: Tell Tiberius about the political and military situation in Britannia.