(Episode 12.3.b Mission Assist HUD)

>In Praetoriō Societatis Potentium, Egypt, 80 CE<


The stone door swings inward noiselessly; despite its enormous size it must be balanced perfectly, seeing that the iānitor can move it with one hand.


He (the iānitor) is a middle-aged man with a grizzled beard. He looks very much like a Roman veteran, and he confirms the impression immediately. "centuriō sum legiōnis prīncipis," inquit superbē, bringing his right thumb to his chest to make sure you know who he's talking about. "servīvī Societātī māgnae quadrāgintā annōs!" spectat vōs rather doubtfully for a moment, and your heart quails a bit. "scītisne viam? sed certē scītis, nam dūcēs dēbent dīxisse." indicat with his thumb scālās quae dēscendunt post eum.


You go down the steps, trying to keep looking like you belong there in the headquarters of the SP.


You've almost instantly got a problem, though, because the friendly light of the iānitor's station is quickly fading behind you, and the stairs seem to be becoming steeper.


Suddenly a deep voice seems to reverberate in the stone all around you,

"quid nōmen est mihi? dīc nōmen meum, et lūx refulgēbit!"


There's a pause, and then you hear Mission Control cut in in your ear, "Ah, this is a bit unexpected, frankly, operatives. . ."


"sum illud quod Rōmam fortem fēcit. sum quod fuit in prīncipiō. putāsne mē Lapidem? rīdeō! quid nōmen est mihi?"


You hear some kind of gate slam down behind you, and all is black.


Prompt: responde.