(Episode 6.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Sextī, Pompeiī, August 79 CE<


You bid Caecilius farewell for now and head back to Sextus’ house. Sextus ridet et tenet cēram, and you're expecting to fade out, but nothing happens. After an awkward silence, in which Sextus waves the cēram around a bit, as if hoping that will cause the training to start, he mutters "What's happening?"


Grumbling, dēpōnit cēram et ambulat in tablīnum, still muttering. He comes back holding the same sort of nitidus pill you took for your first training.


"They're not supposed to wear off," he says as you swallow yours.


Now you’re standing with Sextus on a cloud.


>Over TSTT-Carthage, date indefinite<


On a nearby cloud, two enormous female gods appear to be having an animated conversation. You recognize Iuno from the Titanomachy; you have not seen the other goddess before, but you have your suspicions, given her extraordinary beauty.


Iūnō inquit, “Aenēās errābat. et tū, Venus, errābas. nunc condit Trōiam novam. fīlius tuus tūque urbem invēnistis! dēbētis in urbe novā habitāre! dēbēmus Lapidem ponere in urbe novā, in Trōiā novā.”


Iūnō is pointing downward at something, and you follow her pointing finger with your gaze. There is a city under construction down there, and Iuno seems to be pointing to its harbor, where ships have been pulled up onto the beach.


subitō in lītore prope nāves stātis. A very laborious process seems to be underway on one of the ships, involving a crane and a large shimmering stone that is being lifted off the ship, clearly with the intention of lowering it to the ground.


Aenēās adest. spectat Lapidem. inquit, “cūr mēcum adestis, iuvenēs? dēbētis Lapidem portāre!”


Prompt: in accordance with your worldview, and using your knowledge of Roman culture, aid the removal of the Lapis to the shore, or interfere with it.