(Episode 2.1.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Somewhere in the imagination-space of the TSTT’s version of the Titanomachy<


Juppiter delivers a lightning-bolt directly on target, and Saturn is suddenly falling thousands of feet to the ground. The sound even of the air being displaced around him is deafening.


With a noise that would shatter any eardrums but those of the immortals, Saturn hits the ground, tears through it, and continues to fall. From above, you can see that he has broken through into the underworld, and is still falling.


Left behind, on the surface of the earth, is the thing Saturn was clutching in his hand: a huge boulder: the stone Rhea gave him in place of Juppiter. The impact of Saturn’s fall has caused a piece, about the size of a refrigerator, to break off.


Iuppiter capit māgnum lapidem. portat lapidem māgnum Iuppiter ad montem altum. parvus lapis manet in terrā.


alius deus lapidem dēsīderat,” inquit Sextus.


Prompt: Decide which of the Olympians should receive the Lapis and explain why.