(Episode 5.3.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Forum Herculāneī, August 79 CE<


Sextus dē verbīs in silentiō cōgitat.  “nōn intellegō...” inquit.

subitō Sinistrus in forum ambulat et gladium stringit. duo hominēs cum Sinistrō ambulant. hominēs nitidī sunt.


“monuī vōs! cur hīc estis? est nihil tibi hīc!” clamat Sinistrus. Sextum spectat et inquit, “dūcis Recentiōs ad mortem!”




Sextus turns to you and says that he can handle the two men alone (Can he not see Sinistrus?). He instructs you to try to flee from Herculaneum and return to the safety of Caecilius’ house.


Prompt: Flee from Herculaneum. You will need to try to lose the two thugs in the streets before you can safely leave the town. Use the charta and the surrounding buildings to your advantage.