(Episode 3.2.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Somewhere in the imagination-space of the TSTT’s Trojan War, Bronze Age<


Hercules instructs you to keep the gigantic tentacles of the sea monster at bay while he fends it off. The TSTT has put any weapon you might need at your disposal.


Prompt: Attack the tentacles to buy Herculēs some time to devise a plan.

Helpful vocabulary for constructing your response: (you are NOT limited to these words)

ad bracchium mōnstrī - at the tentacle of the monster

gladiō - with a sword
bacculō - with a club
pūgiōne - with a dagger
arcū - with a bow

sagittam - arrow
pīlum - javelin

ēmittit - shoots
iacit - throws
verberat - to strike

ōrātiōnem dīcit - gives a speech
post saxum sē cēlat - hides him/herself behind a rock