(Episode 3.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Sextī, Pompēiī, 79CE<


Returning to Sextus’ house after learning about Roman politics from Caecilius, you find him bustling about the tablīnum shuffling through scrolls and other documents.  “euge! cēram inveniō!”  Sextus smiles at you and slowly the world begins to shimmer and fade away once again.


sedet in sellā in templō Iuppiter. māgnus vir prope Iovem stat. vir pallium gerit et baculum tenet.


Iuppiter tells the lion-skin man that he must go to Troy to look after the Lapis that Neptune built into the walls of the city. He commands him to find a warrior worthy of protecting the sacred stone. He advises him to seek out Lāomedōn, king of Troy.


The man wearing the lion-skin cloak turns to you and bids you come with him, saying that he will need your assistance. Somehow, your journey takes but a moment, though it covers an enormous distance.


Upon arriving at Troy, you gain an audience with Lāomedōn, king of the city. On the way into the palace, you notice a stable with magnificent horses.


Lāomedōn rises to meet you and says, “dī immortālēs!” He tells you that the Trojans need your help, because a sea monster has suddenly attacked the city! He says that he has no choice left but to sacrifice his daughter to Neptune. He asks if there is anything that you can do?


Prompt: Arrange a deal with Laomedon to slay the sea monster.