(Episode 14.3.a Mission Assist HUD)

>In Conclāve Ūltimō, Praetōriō Societātis Pontentium, Aegyptō, 80 CE<


iānua clausit. advēnistis in termināle conclāve.


lūx in vānō cōnstrātō in mediō conclāve radiat.


est nūllus Lapis. cūr? ubi est Lapis? dēbet hīc adesse!


subitō vōs aliquid nitidum in conclāve cōnspicitis. est Rōmānus aureus!


The sounds of fighting grow louder outside of the chamber. All the Recentiī approach the platform slowly, unsure whether this is just another trick.


Upon closer inspection, you see that something very large and very heavy was resting on this platform at one point. The layer of dust and sand is not as thick in the middle.


The Rōmānus aureus is balancing, remarkably, on its side!


On one side the image of Marcus Antōnius has been struck. On the reverse, Gāius Iūlius Caesar Octāviānus.


agendum: dīc aliquid dē aureō. (Deliberate the meaning of the coin and what clues it may provide about the Lapis. Deliberate first in your teams and then in the immersion prompt with the other Recentiī.)