(Episode 12.1.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Alexandrīa, Egypt, 80 CE<

estis adhūc aegrī cum audītis Tertium iuvenī extrā cavum dicēntem, “. . . ita verō, meum geminum frātrem.”


“sed modo nōn estis geminī! vōs in modō eōdem dicitis.”


“I assure you, my young friend, that I’ve never seen you before today, but I’m glad to know that you cherish his memory.”


est Tiberius!


aliquid in tuā aure crepitat. “Mission control here, Operatives. Please remain calm, but don’t move from where you are. The TSTT’s already experiencing some artifacts”--as if to illustrate his words, you notice that the cave wall seems suddenly to have gotten much closer to you--”because of Tiberius’ suspicion. We’re hoping Tertius can put him off.”


“ecce, iuvenis--haec charta tibi dēlectat. . . accipē eam in memoriā Sextī. itaque, valē.”


The cave wall moves farther away, and an ominous sound whose presence you hadn’t even noticed, like distant thunder, suddenly goes away.


Tertius revenit. vultus ēius est dūrus. “That was very close. You must absolutely avoid him; if he sees you, this whole thing could go down.”


ille dē disciplīnā vōs rogat. When you tell him that the Lapis seems to have been captured by the Carthaginians at the Battle of the Lipari Islands, his face lights up.


“euge!!! fēcistis mīrābile! vestigia invēnistis! quid nunc? ad Mūsaeum!”


“I’m guessing,” continues Tertius, “That your next two trainings are going to be even more helpful, but your avatar-strength is very low after that last one, so we have to wait. In the interim, I think you need to get to the old museum. To do that, though, you’ll need to tell me what you know about it.”


Prompt: Answer Tertius.