(Episode 5.1.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Caeciliī, Pompeii, 79 CE<

Caecilius ex trīclīniō in culīnam it.  tū es sōlus cum Sinistrō.


“sciō tuum labōrem,” inquit Sinistrus.


tū es tacitus.


“tū labōrās prō Sextō. quid quaeris? gladium? hastam?”


tū tamen es tacitus.


“minimē.” Sinistrus rīdet. “nōnne est Lapis?” iterum rīdet. He continues "I say to you: there is grave danger in your way if you continue to ally yourself with Sextus Aemiliānus; he, like your patruus, stands in the way of the world that is being built by the potentēs. Ancient rights are well and good for stories of ancient days, but in our world there is an imperātor in Rome, and the rights belong to him. How can you hope to oppose the potentēs?"


Prompt: Use your knowledge of the mission and of Roman culture to answer Sinistrus.