(Episode 1.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Porta Vesuviī (The Gate of Vesuvius), Pompēiī, Ītalia, 79 CE<


charta est in viā prope arborem. malus chartam relinquit.


Looking at the map of Pompeii and using your TSTT navigation device, you realize that Marcus circled locus II on the map. That spot matches the description and directions given to you by Tiberius. You make your way through the city from the Porta Vesuviī (locus I) to Sextus’ house.


malus est in viā prope vīllam. ecce! malus est Marcus! Marcus clāmat, “Sextus Aemiliānus dēbet dāre mihi Lapidem!”


saxum est in viā. rāmus est prope saxum.


Prompt: Help Sextus by driving off Marcus (once again).