(Episode 2.1.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Sextī, Pompeiī, Ītalia, 79 CE<


tua persōna prope iānuam Sextī stat.


Sextus iānuam aperit.


Inside, Sextus tells you that it is time for you to begin training in the cultural background necessary to use the TSTT effectively. That’s when he goes to get a little box. The box is made of green glass, but inside it there seems to be a glowing center. Sextus turns his back to you, and seems to be taking something out of the box into his left hand.


Sextus ad vōs sē vertit.


dat medicāminem tibi. tua persōna medicāminem capit.


medicāmen est nitidum. Sextus quoque est nitidus.


He tells you not to worry; that you won’t feel a thing, and that once you've taken this pill, you'll be able to fade into and out of training easily.


Suddenly the entire world around you is shimmering and, then, fading.


stat in scopulō homō māximus. nimbus ad hominem venit, et homō rīdet.


“est Iuppiter,” inquit Sextus.


tua persōna cum Sextō stat. Sextus sub scopulō et sub Iove stat. Iuppiter super scopulum et super vōs stat.


All around you are the sounds of distant battle, as if the entire world, shrouded from your sight by thick mist, were convulsing in an effort to destroy itself.


“You may choose who you want to be here in the Titanomachy,” inquit Sextus. “Only Juppiter and Saturn are off-limits.”


Prompt: Choose a character who would be present at the Titanomachy, and attack an appropriate opponent. Embellish your response as you see fit.