(Episode 4.3.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Somewhere in the imagination-space of the TSTT’s Trojan War, Bronze Age<


primum Aenēās in vōs iratus est -- anger mingled with dread, it appears, and he keeps shaking his head, but at last he lowers his sword, looking proud but beaten. Time seems to speed up the way it tends to do in these trainings, and in a blur you watch the hasty preparations for departure.


nunc ambūlātis inter superstitēs Troiānōs ex urbe ad montēs.


Just behind you, a team of very tired slaves are pulling an enormous, shining and glowing rock on a makeshift sledge made out of timbers that seem to have been pulled out of ruined houses.


unus servus magnā voce gemit.


“tū! Lapis est gravissimus! quid dēsīderat Aenēās? dīcēbat dē deīs. vocāvit Lapidem notissimum, sed cūr?”


Next to you, Sextus says, in English, “Yes, it’s ridiculous to have them pulling the stone that way, but is it any more ridiculous than claiming that you’re descended from a wandering Trojan refugee?”


Prompt: Help the slaves pull the Lapis. Try to explain to them their part in Roman history. Multiple LP for any awareness you can show that the ‘Aeneid’ is not a true story.