(Episode 1.1.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Outskirts of Pompeiī, Italia, 79 CE<


The malus looks extremely put-out at your failure to comply. He clearly believes that the names you gave were fake.


"mihi,” malus inquit, “nōmen est Marcus." malus est malīgnus. vōx est malīgna.

malus cōgitat.

arbor est in agrō. puer est in arbore.

"mihi,” puer inquit, “nōmen est Tiberius."

Marcus audit. "ubi est Lapis?” malus inquit, “Lapis est mihi."

persona tua cōgitat. Marcus est malīgnus.


(Marcus now has his back to you, as he is looking up into the tree at Tiberius.)


Prompt: help the boy escape! Confuse the malus sufficiently by telling him different things about Tiberius' location (e.g. Tiberius est in viā! Tiberius est in agrō! Tiberius est canis!) that he runs away in frustration.