(Mission 12.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

 >Alexandrīa, Egypt, 80 CE<


quamquam vōs intentē legitis, vōs māgnās vōcēs ad portam audītis. Tertius ē sellā exsilit ut vōs Tiberium clamāntem audītis, “ego volō vidēre illī hinc advēnerant!”


Tertius pushes you out of the way, against the wall, then goes to see what’s happening. When he returns, he whispers, “I bribed the porter not to let anyone in, but Tiberius has clearly been put up to this by the men who are with him. I strongly suspect they’re SP, trying to figure out where the map came from.”


terra vibrāre coepit.


“dēbēmus exīre hinc et..,” Tertius inquit. tunc ēvanuit!


“Mission control here,” you hear in your ear, in a voice that sounds frankly a bit worried. “Operatives, please rem--”


The voice is gone at the same time there is an enormous jolt beneath your feet, and a roar as a huge section of the museum’s wall comes down. You see, outlined in the resulting dust cloud, a figure loom before you.


et vōcem in animō audis, “dēbēmus ex locō fugere!” est Sinistrus!


“It appears the TSTT has lost track of you completely," says Sinistrus, "so I can risk invoking some code that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. . .”


You hear Tiberius and his companions choking on the dust behind you, but also getting closer; everything is somehow both bright and incredibly dusty--part of the roof must have caved in. Tiberius is going to see you in a moment, you know, and the earth is still shaking violently. . .


“ecce:" inquit Sinistrus, "your next training. Enjoy! And don’t forget what’s really important about this LAPIS nonsense!”


It’s a very hot day in the Italian countryside. You are standing off to the side of a discussion that’s taking place between two Romans in armor. The crests on their helmets indicate that they are imperātōrēs.


“ecce!” inquit alter superbior. “ille Lapidem in tergō elephantis habuit!”


alter rūsticior respondet, “dīcunt illum in elephante in proeliō Tīcīnī habuisse.”


Prompt: Find out what’s going on.