(Episode 1.1.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Outskirts of Pompēiī, Ītalia, 79 CE<


Your Recentius is standing, on a bright Italian summer day, near the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Refer to the TSTT Navigation Device in the CODEX for geographic orientation.


There is a field nearby, with an olive tree in it.


persōna tua est in viā.
malus est in viā.
"quid," malus inquit, "nōmen est tibi?"


Prompt : Answer the ruffian; you are not required to tell him your actual nomen.


A sudden and strange feeling overwhelms you as time seems to stop completely. Lusy flutters in to assist you. "This is it, operatives," Lusūrā inquit, "the mission has begun! This is your first real challenge and thankfully you won't be entirely on your own. At the end of each TSTT-insertion, you'll find a link to the CODEX. The CODEX is a powerful tool filled with important information to assist you. You should always consult the CODEX before considering how to react as your Recentius. You should click on the CODEX link now and explore each section, especially the CULTURALIA for the first task! Good luck!"