(Episode 13.3.a Mission Assist HUD)

>in praetoriō Societātis Potentium, in Aeyptō, 80 CE<


"bene dictae ōrātiōnēs vestrae sunt!" inquit probātor.


"Mark well how the Gracchi died so foully, ō Recentiī! Mark well how shamefully Scipio Aemilianus was murdered! These are the wages potentiae, and after we are gone there are only our deeds, and above all the way we met our mortēs, to remember us by. Those who follow viam Lapidis must hold in mind that only potentia allows us honor, and glory.


"I award manuī prīmae, whose task is harder, gladium prīmum Lapidis." He reaches into a long chest that has lain unseen behind a column, and pulls out four very nice swords, their steel gleaming in the lamplight, and hands them to the members manūs prīmae.


"I award manuī secundae, whose task is more glorious, hastam prīmam Lapidis, Four long spears come from the chest, their points looking wickedly sharp, and he hands them to the members manūs secundae,

"nunc," inquit probātor, "tempus est ōrātiōnum secundārum!"


agendum: cōnsilium capē cum sociīs Recentiī tuī. Confer with your team-mates about your speech. You will compose and deliver the speech in the next session; this first prompt is for preparation.


Manus prīma: Tiberius Semprōnius Gracchus, *** Gāius Marius ***, Marcus Tullius Cicerō

Manus secunda: Publius Cornēlius Scīpiō Aemiliānus Africānus Numantīnus, *** Lucius Cornēlius Sulla Fēlīx ***, Gāius Iūlius Caesar