Operative, once you have completed a part of a TSTT-immersion episode, you unlock the ability to re-tell the action of that episode. This process of re-telling is called memorātiō ("reminding," "bringing to mind"). Since the memories of your Recentius are incomplete on account of the creation process, the memorātiō also provides an opportunity to "restore" a memory to your character. You will learn more about this restoration process the first time that you encounter it.


Within your character sheet, you will compose an account of the action in each episode. You can find the memorātiō tab at the bottom of your Recentius character sheet. 




You may use English if you wish, but it will be even better to use Latin. Memorātiōnēs should be composed and posted after your team completes an episode since the memories will be fresh in your mind. Beginning with Episode 1.2, you will find memorātiō questions to help sort out your memories in each ATTUNEMENT section of the CODEX.

Write in the third person, as usual. In the first few missions, you will probably have to use present tense (though if you want to do your own research on the past tenses of Latin, you may use those). Vocabulary-building and collaboration are the key objectives here: you want to rely heavily on words and phrases that you've already encountered. The more you use, and reuse, key vocabulary the stronger your control of the language will be. If you really want to use a new word, feel free to make use of Whitaker's Words or nūmen to find words for things you don't know how to say yet. Especially in your first few missions, Mission Control will provide extensive guidance to help you in figuring out how to shape your Latin and you should not hesitate to ask your designated Agent for assitance. That's what he or she is there for! 
The better your memorātiōnēs, the higher your awards of Latinity Points and rewards for your Recentiī inside the immersion-space will be. A Recentius who know where he or she has been is much more likely to know where he or she is going, after all! 
To get you started on your first memorātiō, here are some questions which will help you think about what your Recentius experienced in the first episode:
  •  quis est prope arborem?
  • quid nōmen malō est?
  • quid malus dēsīderat?
  • quis est in arbore?
  • est puer amīcus?
  • quis habitat in Pompēiīs? 
  • quō puer currit?