(Episode 13.1.a Mission Assist HUD)

>In the Headquarters of the SP, Egypt, 80 CE<


A wall that was blocking your way ahead slides to the side, out of your way, and you see a very large chamber hewn in the rock behind it--well-lit with lamps on stands around the walls, thank goodness.


When you advance into the chamber, you see that it seems to have been built to resemble an ātrium: there is a lectus geniālis and a larārium, and in the middle a pool with water that must be coming from an underground fōns. Doorways lead off into what are presumably cubicula around the ātrium; on the side opposite to you, a heavy, splendidly-woven, purple curtain hides from view what is presumably some kind of tablīnum.


When you have all entered the ātrium, the wall behind you slides back into place.


"ō iuvenēs, advēnistis ad ātrium Potentium!" vōx inquit. "tempus est discere whether vōs worthy are to be admitted intus. habētis sīgnum, sed incertum est whether vōs scītis viās imperiī, quās omnēs Potentēs dēbent scīre."


silentium est, so longum that vōs incipitis to wonder whether vōs dēbētis respondēre. sed tandem vōx dīcit: "trēs probātiōnēs vōbīs manent.


"prīma probātiō est: quis vīcit Carthāginem, cūrque? Each of you must answer for him or herself, and may not make the same answer as another iuvenis: it is permitted to come to the same conclusion, but each iuvenis must present different reasons for that conclusion.


agendum: respondēte.