(Episode 8.2.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Date and location unavailable<
Mission control is eerily silent.


"Well then. Something tells me -- I don't know, maybe some kind of an avian sub-routine--that you've decided what your answer will be. No--don't tell me; I don't want to know.


"(By the way, I'm not trying to blow your mind or anything by saying I don't want to know, when it's obvious that I do know, because I know everything that happens in this building. . . you know, the" -- he lowers his voice to a ridiculous, sarcastic stage-whisper -- "TEE ESS TEE TEE. I'm just trying to save us all a little time.)


"Here's how this is going to go down. We're going to go through a collaborative learning process in which you demonstrate your achievement of certain learning objectives that have to do with the "Knowledge of Roman culture" and "Applied analysis of modern culture in light of Roman culture" goals on the syllabus. Man, this assessment junk even makes me think it's made up, and I was specifically designed to do it.


"You're going to come up with an outline for a presentation; then you're going to deliver that presentation to me here in my office. You're also -- just because I'm an asinine sort of fellow (for 10 LP, what's the Latin root of "asinine"?) -- going to deliver it in a school assembly.


"No, just kidding. You'll just do it in your Agent's classroom. And then you're going to tell your parental figures, whoever they might be, about how you had to do this stupid presentation, and can they believe that your Latin teacher thinks that Latin is relevant to modern life.


"Anyway. First step: come up with three reasons to back up your answer."


Sinistrus looks at you expectantly.


"Go on, get out of here." He points upward. "Click one of the links to go to your Recentius forum." He leers at you, and speaks in a sing-song. "See you soo-oon."


inquit māgnā vōce,

"Prompt: come up with three points for your presentation. Discuss this only in your team forum."