(Episode 11.3.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Off the coast of Sicily, on board Duilius' flagship, 260 BCE<


vōs nunc valētis atque cum Duiliō colloquī potestis.


"Asina told me that if I call upon the power of the Lapis, and carry out cōnsilium Asinae I won't fail, but I can't figure out what he meant--I have an idea, though. The Claudiī and the Corneliī, they're always talking about preserving the power of the Senate, and making use of the plēbs when necessary. The Lapis--it must mean potentia Rōmae mōrum, right? It's that fābula dē Lapide that came from Troy, that Asina was carrying when he was captured. But isn't Rome better when the patricians aren't fooling the plebeians into stupidities like that treaty with the Mamertines?"


Duilius anxiē vōs spectat. "quid agam? necesse est mihi pugnāre. ego nihil dē bellō facere possum. sed quōmodo classem appellāre dēbeō? quōmodo eōs hortārī dēbeō? quōmodo glōriam Rōmae augēre dēbeō?


Prompt: Answer Duilius.