(Episode 11.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Alexandrīa, Egypt, 80 CE<


Tertius Aemiliānus in cavō absconditō sub grānāriō ruīnōsō prope portum habitat. If you thought that the fish smelt bad. . . well, at least Tertius, as a TSTT construct, doesn't have to smell his living conditions.


"est charta," inquit Tertius. You wonder how he could possibly have it, seeing as you left it with Salvius in the future--but then you realize that in your timeline the TSTT already has a copy stored in memory.


tū putās, "sed tamen, nōnne Tiberius eam in Aegyptō invēnit . . . itaque est charta quam Tiberius dābit. . ."


"nolī putāre dē chartā," monet Tertius. "mundum frangēs--aut frangēs mundum meum at least.


"itaque necesse est nōbīs proximum indicium invenīre? scitis, quod chartam vīdistis, praetōrium Societātis Pontentium propinquum esse; tamen, nēscimus ubi. quaerētis dēsertum circum pȳramidēs in aeternum sed be no closer to the Societās Pontentium. We need more information--but let's start by figuring out what's known at the current date about the pyramids and who made them--and what they might have to do with the LAPIS."


Prompt: Tell Tertius three salient things about Romans' knowledge of and relation to Egypt. Don't forget that most Roman knowledge was filtered through Greek authors.