(Episode 11.1.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Alexandrīa, Egypt, 80 CE<


taberna, aedis ingēns et tumultuōsa, est plēna sēdibus mēnsīsque atque hominibus. You can barely see, coming in from the intense sunlight, sed clientēs sunt Rōmānī Graecīque.


postquam tuōs oculōs ad obscūritātem accommodātis, you notice that there, in the corner, filling ingēntia pōcula vinō, est Euphorbus.


At almost the same moment, he looks up and notices you, and seems at first greatly confused and even incredulous. He puts his pitcher down and pushes his way through the crowd cum vultū that finally resolves itself into a broad smile.


"salvēte, ō Recentiī! est bonum vōs vidēre! sed quid agitis? quid facitis hīc in Alexandrīā?"


At the same moment, the man you've been expecting to see, the identical, well, triplet, of Sextus et Septimus, is there at your elbow, his familiar sheen barely noticeable in hoc lūmine.


in tuam aurem hic novus Aemiliānus susurrat, "cautē! nēscimus quī adsint!"


Prompt: Discover who's present, and what they might know about the politics and culture surrounding the Lapis.