(Episode 11.1.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Alexandrīa, Egypt, 80 CE<

in piscibus mortuīs iacētis. estne pēior quam mors tua suffōcātiōne Stabiae? est difficile dīcere: nunc certē odōs vōs suffōcat.


Things get immediately better when you stand up, though, because you're next to an immense, beautiful harbor, on a hot (but not too hot), dry day with a brilliant blue sky above you and the water sparkling in the early morning light. In the middle of the harbor, on a small island connected to the mainland by a causeway, is the most amazing lighthouse you've ever seen.


in parvō saxō stātis. postquam portum Alexandrīae spectātis, procul piscātōriās nāvēs in mare ultra Pharum vidēre potestis.


aliquid in tuā aure crepitat. "Operatives, Mission Control here. Welcome to Alexandria."


"If you look at your navigation device, you'll see a taberna marked. We advise you to proceed there as soon as possible."


Prompt: Find tabernam Euphorbī and describe the path that you would take to get there.