(Episode 12.3.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Egypt, 80 CE<


oculōs aperītis. in harēnā iacētis. Tertius prope vōs sedet; est crepusculum. circumspicitis: potestis imāginēs pȳramīdum procul vidēre. ibi quoque potestis, prope pyramīdēs, formās virōrum vidēre.


Tertius surgit et ad vōs ambulat.


"bene!" exclāmat. "vōs fēcistis māiora quam intellegitis. With the help of your descriptions, the TSTT has been able to meta-analyze the data from the last training and from your visit to the library to as to pinpoint the SP's headquarters. Now they've inserted us very close to that spot.


"What's more, we think there's a very high probability that Hannibal took the Lapis with him when he went into exile after the Second Punic War, which means that the SP presence here is in search of the Lapis just like you--if they haven't already found it, that is. We could be very close to the end of your mission!"


He stands up and points Southeastward, towards the pyramids.


"We think the entrance to their headquarters is about two miles in that direction. . .


45 minutes or so later, you are looking at an unassuming stone door in a rocky outcropping. You would never have noticed it in daylight, but there is, unmistakably, torchlight seeping out under the bottom of the door.

Tertius gives you final advice, "You're going to have to make something up, even with the sīgnum. bona fortuna vōbīs sit!"


vōs cōnstituitis ad iānuam ambulāre quasi ibi esse dēbētis. quamquam oculī inimīcōrum vōs spectant, estis āmenter audācēs. nullae sagittae possunt vōs percutīre! adestis. unus ex Recentiīs iānuam dūram manū verberat.


"quī estis?" inquit vōx intus.


Prompt: Make your reply.