(Episode 12.2.b Mission Assist HUD)

>The Plains of Cannae, August 2nd, 216 BCE<


Off to the side, (Varrō/Paullus) speaks to a military tribune as you continue to converse with (Paullus/Varrō). (Varrō/Paullus) returns.


"This is it," he says flatly. "I'll go to my station." ille in equum salit et ad proelium equitat.


The remaining imperator looks at you. "We have the numbers, at least," he says. "An infantry push straight towards the Lapis should end this thing once and for all. I don't mind saying that Hannibal scares me, though."


ille quoque in equum salit et ad proelium equitat.


The number of mīlitēs is absolutely extraordinary, and their discipline wonderful. The tribunes call out, and the centurions relay the commands. The sound of their armor really is that army sound you're used to from strategy video-games and sword-and-sandal movies.


Tertius subitō prope tē apparet, tenēns gladium.


"eheu! mē paene necāvērunt," inquit. "quid accidit? Mission Control, when they realized you'd somehow been pulled into the training session, inserted me.


"necesse est nōbīs agere! The Demiurge is still worried about the parameters of the training module, because Systems can't find the subroutine that pulled you in. So Mission Control wants a full report of this battle, from your perspectives. You each need to pick a position in the Roman forces and narrate the battle from your perspective, with as much attention as possible to what Hannibal is doing, because we're reasonably sure he keeps the Lapis close to him."


Prompt: Choose a station, and narrate the battle from your Recentius' perspective.