(Episode 12.1.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Alexandrīa, Egypt, 80 CE<


Tertius vōs per viās ad māgnum, quamquam sēmiruīnōsum, aedificium dūcit. latus aedificiī est nigrum propter incendium et there are signs of very poor patching where part of the aedificium must have collapsed.


Tertius dīcit aliqua verba in linguā Graecā fessō custodī quī sedet prope iānuam. custōs, quī apparēbat suspiciōsus, rīdet et vōs innuit in ingēntem vestibulum Mūsaeī, sicut ātrium sed sine insīgniīs Rōmānīs; where the larārium should stand is a very different sort of shrine--an actual ara, upon which you can see old bloodstains.


per iānuās of the rooms opening out from this courtyard you can see shelves, and on the shelves baskets made of papyrus. A bored looking man is reading a papyrus roll at a table in the far corner of the courtyard.


“I told the porter that your family is thinking of making a massive donation to the Mūsis by way of their Mūsaeum." inquit Tertius. Since the imperium, this place has fallen on very hard times--there was the fire, which destroyed some of the collection, but more than that there’s the neglect. The scholars here are frankly second rate these days.


“itaque, necesse est nōbīs rogāre bibliothēcarium invenīre librōs quī dēmōnstrant viam Lapidis postquam Carthāginēs eum cēpērunt. If we can make some educated guesses, we may be able to fine-tune the TSTT-training and make it more helpful.”


Prompt: Choose a book to ask for.