(Episode 10.3.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla of Salvius, Southwest of Londinium, 81 CE<


As you answer, you see Salvius' eyes go to the sīgnum on the inside of your arm, and then widen.


"Why did you not say that you had the sīgnum?" he demands. "Are you trying to make a fool of me?" He stares hard into your eyes, but, seeing innocence there, calms himself with a visible effort, and continues.


“bene,” inquit Salvius. “eō tempōre parātus sum vōs in Societatem Potentium inducere. venīte ad ātrium.”


Even if you wanted to escape the walk to the ātrium you couldn’t: Salvius’ custodēs mean business.


prō larāriō Salvius cōnsistit. “Now you are going to swear by your own larēs, and by the deī and the manēs of your ancestors the Recentiī quī, quamquam sunt inimīcī ad meum sanguinem, nevertheless have never been without honor, that the sīgnum you bear will bind you in fealty to the Societās Potentium.”


Prompt: Swear the oath, or not.