(Episode 14.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

>in praetoriō Societātis Potentium, in Aeyptō, 80 CE<


“bene! bene!” inquit probator. “semper in mentibus vestrīs tenēte how shamefully Cicero died for what he claimed to believe in. His hands, head, and tongue nailed to the thing he loved the most: the rōstrum. And Caesar, despite what he claimed, he was never really fighting for either side; only for himself.


“ita verō, paratī estis. nunc haec iānua ad Lapidem apparet!” probātor inquit, sibi rīdēns. At that moment, the earth begin to tremble and a stone door opens on the far side of the room, revealing yet another chamber. You were sure that that wall was solid, but it would seem that things are rarely what they seem here.


subitō, Marcus cum multīs custōdibus currēns intrat! clāmat, “ō Recentiī, I owe you so much already... vōs dūxistis mē ad conclāve absconditum!” The probator seems surprised to see Marcus in the chamber. He slowly backs into the shadows and seems to disappear from sight. However, this hardly seems like the time to be thinking about the implications of such matters.


“ego quaerēbam" inquit Marcus "hoc conclāve, sed numquam poteram id invenīre! But you found it, you who will now continue to serve me... as servī! gladiōsne hastāsque habētis et potestis pugnāre? est nihil. custōdēs, apprehendite illōs iuvenēs!”


custōdēs ad vōs prōcēdunt.


agendum: You have nowhere to run. octō custōdēs adsunt! pugnāte prō tuīs vitīs!