(Episode 5.3.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Outside Herculaneum, August 79 CE<


With the help of your wits and your gear you slip through the streets with ease. Behind you, you can hear the malī shouting angrily at one another. Finally you are at the edge of the town, and as you make your way out of in and into the open fields, you see Sextus ahead of you waiting at a scenic overlook.


“bene,” inquit Sextus. “tutī estis. egō eram ānxius et vōbīs timēbam. mē rogābam, 'malīne Recentiōs interfēcērunt?' dēbēmus nunc ad Pompeiōs fēstināre. dēbētis contendere ad Caecilium, et dēbētis vidēre Tiberium tutum. tunc dēbētis contendere iterum ad meam vīllam. māgnum labōrem habēmus.”


He asks if you have any questions before you set out.


Prompt: Find out what Sextus thinks about Sinistrus, the inscription, and what must be done.