(Episode 4.3.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Sextī, Pompeiī, 79 CE<


You have returned to Sextus’ familiar vīlla.


invēnī cēram! invēnī cēram! cēra est mīrissima!” clāmat Sextus. “haec fābula mihi nōn est familiāris. nunc fābulam legō.”


Once again the world around you begins to shimmer and slowly fade away.


>Somewhere in the imagination-space of the TSTT’s Trojan War, Bronze Age<


You awaken to immense heat and flames surrounding you on all sides.  The city is burning to the ground.  Screams of terror fill the night sky.  Ahead of you stands a strong and noble man talking to... a ghost!


“tū es fortissimus sed Trōia est perdita. Priamus est mortuus et Graecī arcem cēpērunt,” inquit imāgō. “flammae circum mūrōs sunt. tempus est fugere.”


The ghost of Hector goes on to explain to Aeneas that he must keep the Lapis safe from Agamemnon and that his destiny will send him to the west to found a new Troy out of the ashes of this city. Aeneas seems unwilling to abandon his duties.


When he catches sight of you, standing behind Hector, a shudder seems to go through him. "vōs!" inquit.


Prompt: Convince Aeneas that he should listen to the advice of Hector and flee with the Lapis out of the city. Use what you know of Roman history to make your argument; multiple LP bonuses are available for use of your Recentius’ worldview.