(Episode 8.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Date and location unavailable<

Mission control is eerily silent.


“My price for the sīgnum est parvum, sed erit labōriōsum, ō Recentiī.


“You must pass an exāmen. quisque (dīcō dē Recentiīs, nōn dē miserābilibus discipulīs, quī sedent prō calculātōribus)”-- subitō suspicit ad lacūnar et manum movet prōrsus rūrsusque, waving as if he can see somebody up there, beyond the roof, smiling broadly at his little joke -- “quisque respondēbis: ‘Can learning Roman culture save civilization?’


“Whether your -- quid māgnus-D vocat? Ah, yes, your ‘team’--chooses to answer ‘ita vērō’ aut ‘minime’, respondēbis at a length of ten minutes, so I don’t want any namby-pamby”--(here Sinistrus makes the strangest boo-boo face you’ve ever seen) -- ”minime quod ‘Latin sux’ stercus. If you answer ‘minime’, you prove that Roman culture can’t save you -- I dunno, because the Romans messed up their civilization, kind of like you’re messing up yours. Oh, wait, I think I just did the opposite of what I said.


“Anyway, you’ve got until whenever. . .” mīrābilem nigrum lapidem ē marsuppiō capit. in eō aliquid premit. deinde digitum trāns lapidem movet. est mīrābilis! niger lapis lūcet cum minimīs pictūrīs. He touches it a few more times, lovingly, as if caressing a favorite toy, and then looks up and continues “...your Agent says this prompt is due on the next meeting day to decide what your answers are going to be.”


inquit māgnā vōce,

Prompt: decide what your Recentius’ answer to the question is going to be. Discuss this only in your team forum.”