(Episode 4.1.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Somewhere in the imagination-space of the TSTT’s Trojan War, Bronze Age<


Agamemnōn clamat, “ita vērō!  Paris meum frātrem vulnerāvit. Helēnam amābat, et Helēnam cēpit. Trōiam Graecī oppūgnant. vōs omnēs dēbētis fratrem meum mēque adiūvāre!”

nunc omnēs Graecī ad bellum eunt et nāvēs parāvērunt. ūnus autem Graecus āfuit. Thetis Achillem, adhūc puerum, in īnsulā inter puellās cēlāvit.


The scene shifts dramatically: you have traveled with Odysseus and Diomedes to the island of Skyros in the Aegean Sea to the court of King Lycomedes. Achilles is disguised somewhere in the palace as one of the daughters of the king.


Prompt: Help Odysseus and Diomedes discover a way to detect which one of the daughters is Achilles without offending the King. The Greeks cannot win the Trojan War without Achilles. You must not fail this mission. Remember that every myth is told in many different ways: you may follow the story or change it.