(Episode 2.2.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Sextī, Pompēiī, 79 CE<


“bene,” inquit Sextus. “tempus est. nunc egō initium sciō of this papyrus, at least:


'Gāius Cilnius Maecēnās scrībit librum. liber sīgnificat locum. in locō est lapis.'

“nunc tū quoque initium scīs,” inquit Sextus.


Sextus has been able to learn that the volūmen begins that way, but (of course) it is the contents of this liber that will help you begin your search for the Lapis.


Prompt: Using your charta and the TSTT NAV Device, figure out what path to take to get to Marcus’ vīlla unseen (or, at the very least, seen by the fewest people as possible). vīlla Marcī is at locus IV in tuā chartā.