(Episode 5.2.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Via inter Pompēiōs et Herculāneum, August 79 CE<


You return ad vīllam Sextī after a very strange encounter with Sinistrus, unsure of what to tell Sextus. Fortunately he meets you at the door, full of excitement. He’s figured out where to go next.


Sextus is guiding you from Pompeii to the town of Hercules, where the papyrus liber you found seemed to indicate some information about what the Sociētās Potentium might know about where the Lapis is to be found.


Sextus leads you past the palaestra and down what seems to be the main via of the town. The houses here are much nicer than the ones in Pompeii, and there are swanky tabernae on either side of the via. You notice that the viae in Herculāneō are not grooved like the ones in Pompeiīs.


At last you reach the forum on the Northern edge of town.


The forum of Herculaneum is not as big or as busy as the one in Pompeii, but it is much better kept. For one thing, it is lined with marble nitidae tabellae.

“bene,” inquit Sextus. “tempus est. dēbētis nunc Sextō auxilium dāre. vestīgium grātius invēnimus.”


Prompt: Use your knowledge of Roman culture to figure out what the papyrus you got from Marcus’ house means.