(Episode 4.1.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Sextī, Pompeiī, 79 CE<


Sextus vōs in iānuā salūtat.  “bene!”, inquit. “in forō bonās rēs ēmērunt. nunc tū discis, et egō doceō. cēram dē bellō Trōiānō lēgō.”


Once again the world around you begins to shimmer and slowly fade away.


You awaken to see a regal looking man, carrying a scepter, discussing matters with his advisers. The bearded man mutters something about someone thinking they could hide it at Troy. He seems to think that the most recent events could be an excuse to take control of an object that would grant him exceptional power. What object does he mean? What event is he talking about? It is clear that the other Greek lords in the palace do not know this man’s true intentions.


The man sees you outside of the room and instructs you to assemble in the audience chamber with the rest of the lords. He indicates that he will be there shortly.


Prompt: Choose a hero who might be present at the debate whether or not to go to war with Troy. The only ones off limits are Agamemnon and Achilleus. Convince the others of your point of view.