(Episode 1.3.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Caeciliī, Pompēiī, Ītalia, 79 CE<


When Sextus is done telling you about the forces that seek to possess the Lapis he is silent for a few moments. Then he speaks again, to say that you will have to find a place to stay, for it is not safe to stay with him. He asks if you have met Tiberius.


vīlla nōn procul est,” Sextus inquit. “Caecilius clēmentiam amat. iānuam aperit, et auxilium dat.”


You make your way through the busy streets of Pompeiī. It is late afternoon and the sun is incredibly oppresive. At last, you reach locus III on your map.


Caecilius lentē iānuam aperit. in ātriō est coquus Euphorbus. Euphorbus rīdet. in ātriō est amīcus tuus Tiberius. “salvē!” inquit Tiberius. “grātissimum est!  Caecilius est meus pater.”


Prompt: Begin to convince Caecilius that he should be your amīcus.