(Episode 3.1.a Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla Caeciliī, Pompēiī, 79CE<


You are back in vīllā of Caecilius.


Caecilius et servus in tablīnō sunt. Caecilius epistulam dīctat. servus epistulam in cēram scrībit. Caecilius vōs spectat. “salvete amīcī!” inquit “amīcus tuus Caecilius epistulam scrībēbat.” Caecilius Tiberium spectat, et dīcit “eam ad tuum patruum Salvium in Britanniam mittēbat.”


Tiberius rogat, “quid scrībis in epistulā, pater?”


Caecilius tells you and Tiberius that he is writing to Salvius to tell him the news of Italy, and especially of Rome. Most importantly, he wants to tell him about the new Emperor, Titus.


Caecilius ad vōs sē vertit.


“sed quid scīs tū dē Rōmā?”


Prompt: The Demiurge thinks that Caecilius’ political views have an important role to play in finding the Lapis, because they may indicate whether he has any knowledge of the doings of the Societas Potentium. Find out as much as you can about the Emperor Titus from Caecilius. Hint: Caecilius is apt to share more information if he thinks you have basic knowledge of the imperial family already, including the previous Emperor.