(Episode 1.1.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Outskirts of Pompeiī, Ītalia, 79 CE<


Operative, you are advised that the TSTT is currently set to facile (“easy”) mode. Villains will not remain so easy to defeat for long.


agō grātiās,” inquit Tiberius. puer dēsilit ex arbore. Tiberius rogat, “quid nōmen est tibi?”


Tiberius seems friendly enough and so you all readily tell him your real names.


Tiberius circumspectat et rīdet. “Sextus Aemiliānus,” inquit, “habitat in Pompēiīs. You should go to his vīlla and introduce yourselves! He is an amicus of mine.”


puer currit in viā ad Pompēiōs.


A sudden and strange feeling overwhelms you as time seems to stop completely. Lusy flutters in, one last time, to assist you. "What a fortunate occurrence," Lusūrā inquit, "meeting Tiberius like this! We've reached the end of the first episode and it is time to reflect on everything that has happened so far. Remember, your Recentius' memories are incomplete and it is up to you to help restore them using the memorātiō. What? You haven't been introduced to the memorātiō yet? What is going on at Mission Control? Ok, I've updated your display to include a new link to an explanation of the memorātiō. There you will find all the information you need to get started. Good luck!"


Prompt: Create the first memorātiō for your Recentius.