(Episode 10.1.b Mission Assist HUD)

>Vīlla of Salvius, Southwest of Londinium, 81 CE<


Tiberius looks at you perplexedly for a moment, as if trying to remember something, and then shakes his head. "vērum, o amīca mea, nēsciō. Did the man at the Musaeum say something to me? I can't remember, now. I just remember thinking 'If ever I should see Octaviana again, I must tell her.' Perhaps it was because you're the most mysterious person I've ever met, and this was the most mysterious thing I've ever found, so something made me think the two must be connected? And. . ." Tiberius seems to blush a bit, and he casts his eyes down to his sandals "well, this will sound foolish, I'm sure, but there's just something that feels the same about you, and poor old Sextus--and Septimus, too!--and this map. It feels, special, somehow--as if I'm supposed to put them together, and help you."


Embarrassed, he turns to the baskets of papyri. "I was thinking," he continues, "that we should start with the poets that Marcus Maecenas' father Gaius patronized. . . Wait--what's this?"


Lying on top of the rest of the papyri in the least dusty basket are two scraps that seem to have been copied from other volūmina.


You have located sections from two volūmina: Horace's first book of odes, and the eighth book of Vergil's Aeneid.


If Tiberius is right, there is a clue in each of these authors, specifically the subject matter of the two selections.


Prompt: Solve the riddle of the map.