(Episode 7.2.a Mission Assist HUD)


>in vīllā Septimī Aemiliānī, West of Londīnium, September, 81 CE<


sedētis cum Septimō in tablīnō. Septimus, ut vidētur, tōtus similis frātrī Sextō appāret, sed difficile est eum intellegere.


“Alright,” Septimus says. “The magic of the Demiurge saved you from the eruption, but we're still worried about what happened in Stabiae, and we need you to help us with some explorations. The ducēs Mīlitum think that a fault opened in our universe back there, and that fault may be a way forward toward the Lapis, given that Pompeii and Herculaneum have been destroyed and that to send you back there before the eruption would destabilize the world completely because of the duality it would create.


“Before you go on these explorations, though, there’s a training session you must complete. . . “


Septimus cēram parat, just as Sextus used to, et cēram sublevat sed nihil accidit, et mox Septimus incipit mussāre. "iterum potentia pillūlae ēvānuit," inquit. "aliēnum est." iterum mussat, et intrat in tablīnum. parat pillūlās, et ad vōs portat. pillūlas capitis et cōnsūmitis.


The world around you, like it used to in Pompeiī, begins to shimmer and fade away...


stātis in collīnā. rīvus palūdōsus perfluit. duo iuvenēs, sīcut geminī, stant et dē locō colloquuntur. nōn procul turba est. in turbā sunt hominēs horrentēs. etiam appārent valdē fessī. nūper, ut vidētur, Lapidem in collem in plaustrō trāxērunt.


Prompt: find a way to eavesdrop on the conversation by figuring out what’s going on and using your knowledge of Roman culture to make yourselves known.