Carta collectionis (Collection sheet)




Operative, the Demiurge has optimized this mission activity to build your attunement to the demands of the TSTT's increasing complexity. You will progress in knowledge of and facility in using and analyzing key elements of Latin morphology and syntax, and of Roman culture.


You may collect from the stories in your text or from the material in the TSTT itself. You collect by copying the appropriate element, with the translation, into your collection sheet located in your Operative Dossier. It is important to note that you can only claim a word once per Episode or passage. For example, even though 'servus' may appear multiple times in a passage, you can only claim it one time.


Example claim:

Nominative singular nouns

  1. servus - slave
  2. malus - bad man

You will obtain increasing attunement rewards--commonly called "CARDs" (Classical Attunement Reward Device) as you progress, by accumulating longer lists of collected elements. Each element unlocks a standard CARD at 50 collected forms (row 51 on your carta collectonis sheet). You will receive an upgraded special edition of that CARD at a higher number of collected forms. Additionally, at various milestones, beginning with 25 collected forms, you will receive an LP bonus reflected in your dossier.


Not all CARDs, however, are obtained through the carta collectionis. Some CARDs are unlockable only though purchases made inside of the TSTT immersion space at various fora located throughout the Roman Empire.



  • Nominative Singular - Italia (place)
  • Nominative Plural - Mercury (divinity) 
  • Genitive Singular - Pompey the Great (person)
  • Genitive Plural - Hannibal (person)
  • Dative Singular - Temple of Artemis (structure)
  • Dative Plural - Ovid (person)
  • Accusative Singular - Romulus (divinity)
  • Accusative Plural - Black sea (place)
  • Ablative Singular - Cleopatra (person)
  • Ablative Plural - Pyramids of Giza (structure)
  • Neuter nouns - Roman Forum (structure)


  • 3rd Person Singular - Vergil (person)
  • 3rd Person Plural - Circus Maximus (structure)
  • Forms of 'sum' - Titus (person)
  • Imperfect - Marc Antony (person)
  • Perfect - Mediterranean Sea (place)
  • Pluperfect - Julius Caesar (person)
  • Present Infinitives - Augustus (person)
  • Perfect Infinitives - Livia (person)
  • Passive Verbs - Agrippa (person)
  • Deponent Verbs - Minerva (divinity)
  • Future - Trajan's Column (structure) 
  • Future Perfect - Gaius Marius (person)
  • Present Subjunctive - Colosseum (structure) 
  • Imperfect Subjunctive - Year of the 4 Emperors (persons)
  • Perfect Subjunctive - Cicero (person) 
  • Pluperfect Subjunctive - Ara Pacis (structure) 
  • Present Participles - Venus (divinity)
  • perfect passive participles - Temple of Janus (structure)


  • Relative Pronoun/Relative Clauses - Aeneas (divinity)
  • Ablative Absolute - Juppiter (divinity)
  • Purpose Clause - Temple of Zeus (structure) 
  • Indirect Statement - Achaia (place) 
  • Indirect Command - Colossus of Rhodes (structure) 
  • Cum Clause - Pantheon (structure) 
  • Indirect Question - Horace (person)
  • Result Clause - Temple of Mars Ultor (structure) 


  • Adjectives - Catullus (person)
  • Prepositional Phrases - Juno (divinity)
  • Adverbs - Curia (structure)
  • Pronouns - Aegyptus (place)

Additional CARDs unlocked in-game:

  • Pompeiī (place)
  • Maecenās (person)
  • Arch of Titus (structure)
  • Mars (divinity)
  • Apollo (divinity) 
  • Hercules (divinity) 
  • Neptune (divinity) 
  • Britannia (place) 
  • Africa (place) 
  • Gallia (place) 
  • Hanging Gardens (structure) 
  • Lucius Junius Brutus (person)
  • Diana (divinity) 
  • Ceres (divinity)
  • Theatre of Pompey (structure) 
  • Mousaion (structure) 
  • Palace at Fishbourne (structure) 
  • Pharos of Alexandria (structure) 
  • Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (structure) 
  • Livy (person)
  • Scipio Africanus (person)
  • Tiberius Gracchus (person)