Operatives, this section will become increasingly helpful throughout the Operation. Mission Control has a direct feed to all events inside of the TSTT simulation and they will provide ancillary material that should aid you in your particular immersion sequence.

For this episode, it looks like this stranger that you met is awful curious about your name. We don't necessarily advise you to give him your Recentius' real name, so feel free to choose any name that might be plausable given the circumstances. You should look for helpful links in this section of each episode's CODEX, like the following on Roman naming conventions. Operatives are advised to pay careful attention between male and female conventions. Other links which may be helpful are:


For more information on Roman names, feel free to watch this short video courtesy of latintutorial.com:


We also suggest that all operatives review a standard Roman greeting in hopes they are more convincing to characters inside of the TSTT simulation. Here in this first episode, the malus asked you, "quid tibi nōmen est?" which literally translates to "What is the name to you?" We would more naturally understand that as "What is your name?" An appropriate reply to that question only needs a slight change. You can substitute mihi for tibi and the resulting phrase would be "mihi nōmen est..." or "My name is..." and then supply your name.